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Institute for Management-Innovation (Targena Ltd.)


  • Institut for Management-Innovation (Targena Ltd.)
  • CEO
    - Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Waldemar  Pelz
    - Dr. med. Patrick Pelz 
  • Address: 65812 Bad Soden am Taunus (Germany)
  • Phone: +49 6196-23048
  • Mail: 

Prof. Dr. Waldemar Pelz

Professor Pelz is dean of the leadership department of the Global Humanistic University and CEO of the Institute for Management Innovation. This institute specializes in evidence-based leadership development (talent management). It  is a spin-off from the Technical University in Giessen (Germany)

Before his activities in consulting, training, and research as a professor of international management, he gained 15 years of practical experience as an entrepreneur, in marketing, and as the head of the leadership development department of a global company in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. 

ChatGPT about Waldemar:

Prof. Dr. Waldemar Pelz is a German economist and professor of business administration, with a particular focus on management and marketing. He is renowned for his work in the field of leadership development, strategic management, and personality research. Pelz has had a long tenure at the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen (THM) in Giessen, where he led the Institute for Management and Innovation. He has published numerous books and articles on topics such as management diagnostics, competence management, and innovation strategies.

His research includes the development of leadership personalities and the application of psychological theories in a management context. Prof. Dr. Waldemar Pelz is also known for his practice-oriented seminars and workshops, through which he shares his knowledge with executives from various industries. In addition to his academic activities, Pelz is involved in consulting for companies and organizations, aiming to merge scientific insights with practical requirements. He has developed an approach known as "Strategic Competence Management," which seeks to identify individual strengths and systematically develop them further.