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What does the Institute for Management Innovation stand for?

The Institute for Management Innovation is a spin-off from the Technical University of Central Hesse in Giessen, Germany, established as a GmbH. It stands for professional, scientifically based diagnostics and development of management and leadership competencies according to best practices.

This means that we conduct our own research to determine what works particularly well in practice and what does not. We make these findings available to our customers so they can gain a competitive advantage through leadership excellence.

Our offer for leadership development (talent management): We support you…

  • …in the assessment and selection of high performers and potential leaders (talent management) through reliable (validated) testing and evaluation methods,
  • …in the development of company-specific management and leadership skills. The methods range from individual coaching to a general management program.

Who are our customers and partners? Our services have proven themselves over many years with our customers (see seleted references below and a full list of references).

In addition, we continuously develop our services through practice-oriented empirical research so that you remain "state of the art" in the future (see publications).

Our philosophy: Knowledge, know-how, and technology can be bought - but qualified and committed personnel cannot. However, this is the most sustainable competitive advantage."

Who are our customers (selected examples)?

Here you will find a full list of references. Selected examples: