What does the Institute for Management Innovation stand for?

The Institute for Management Innovation (Ltd.) is a spin-off from the University of Applied Sciences of Central Hesse (Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen (THM)). It stands for professional, science-based evaluation and development of leadership talent. Research and consulting are focused on best practices in leadership development. A list of publications concerning recent research projects (German) can be found here

What do we offer?

  • Validated tests of competencies for leaders and talents, for example: transformational leadership skills, emotional intelligence, resilience, empathy, career management, motivation and volition, team leadership, and top-management skills. All tests are validtated with samples of up to 30,000 participants. Most of the tests are bilingual. See for example the test of fundamental management competencies
  • Executive coaching (see instructions for a Personal Development Plan as an example)
  • A new business-related personality test (validated with a sample of 31.373 participants)
  • Evaluation tools with high predictive validity such as behavioral event interviewing, 360-degree feedback, management audits, assessment of high potentials, and recruitment
  • A general management program (company-focused MBA) based on the Executive MBA of the Global Humanistic University (online)

Who are our customers (examples)?

Here you will find a full list of references. Selected examples: